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As the world’s population grows, the need for producing healthy and abundant crops with less inputs becomes more important. It is our goal at Landmark Agricultural Services to offer products and services that meet these demands…. while keeping our waters clean and safe for us and those who follow.

Proper tillage, crop rotation, cover crops, crop protection, fertilization.. all play a role in being a good steward. We are here to be a part of helping you farm successfully, now and into the future.

Our Products:
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Brandt® Foli-Cal®
Manni-Plex Based Foliar Calcium Supplement
Brandt® Manni-Plex®
Manni-Plex Based Foliar Nutrient Supplement
Brandt® Sequestar®
Guaranteed Nutrient Delivery
Brandt® Smart B™
Foliar Boron Supplement
Brandt® Smart Mn
Coming Soon
Brandt® Smart Trio®
Advanced Foliar Nutrition
Brandt® Super 7
Multi-function adjuvant
Cover Crops
Agricultural and Grazing Mixes
Pop-Up Fertilizer
Liquid In-Furrow Fertilizer
Storage Tanks
Aboveground Flat Bottom Tanks
Ammonium Polyphosphate
UAN Solution
3-Bar Bio-YIELD
Liquid In-Furrow Inoculant / Seed Treatment

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